How We Get Google Top Spot

Try to search Jakarta Web Agency, Jakarta Web Design, or Jakarta Digital Agency in Google search and don’t be surprised if you always find Omeoo website on the top of the list. Even in the competition of Jakarta Web Development keyword, Omeoo website manage to get the second place.

Getting our site in the Google search top spot isn’t an overnight work. It takes a lot of our time and hard work. Less than two years ago, we still appear in page 4 or 5. Today, with our SEO work, we have conquered some popular keywords as mentioned above. Let us share how we do it.

1. Relevant content

Many thinks SEO is about stuffing your website with chosen keywords. Well, that kind of thought has made Google hates SEO. Google want to give their best for people who use Google search service by giving the most relevant search result impossible. Keyword rich content is important, but more important to mind the user’s need of information. How does Google determine which one is relevant and which one is not? We don’t know and we don’t care. All we care is providing a good information for our user. That way, Google will love us more than those who keep trying to find out about Google crawler‘s algorithms.

2. In-site interlinking

You know why you always find Wikipedia among the top result of your search query? That’s because Wikipedia has the best SEO in the planet. It gives us super relevant content and it has a super good article interlinking. Most people spend hours reading Wikipedia. When they read one article on Wikipedia, they always find hyperlinked text that contain information about interesting topic related to the article. That what makes them never stop read and click. Exactly like what we did in Omeoo website.

3. Get as many back links as we can

The more our site referred in other website (big and popular website is even better), the more it raised our position in Google search result. We do have some strategies to get referred, but you must be bored already reading this long article. Why don’t you leave a comment and share to us how you get your back link.