Now The Guy With Million-Dollar Ideas Wants You to Do Nothing

Do you remember the Million Dollar Homepage; a-dollar-a-pixel website which made a million dollars selling a million pixels in 10×10 blocks? You probably had forgotten the site—even though it was an absolute screamer—but now you vaguely recall the feeling of being left on the sidelines thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” when you saw the site 5 years ago.

Looks pretty neat, doesn't it?

It is fully understandable that Alex Tew—the creator of Million Dollar Homepage—and his instant success had some people seething with envy, especially those who advertently imitated the site and not succeeded in making as much money.

Enviable guy: Alex Tew

After series of unsuccessful follow-ons (including SockandAwe, a flash game where visitors were encouraged to throw a shoe at George W. Bush; and PopJam, the social network for sharing funny pics), Tew launched another big hit: One Million People. As the name suggests, the idea behind the website is identical to the One Million Homepage, except it is a mosaic of the visitors’ photos instead of pixels. Visitors who have reserved spaces for their photos will be included as part of a million “faces of a digital generation” and their photos will be put into a 1,250-page photo album, which Tew plans to sell for $100 per copy.

All spots on page one are already reserved. Bummer

There you have it. Not exactly a fresh idea, but—with one million people, $3 each… three million dollars—Alex Tew is going to make serious amount of money. Again.

So, now you could be angrily waiting for some new “one million god-knows-what” website and preparing the explanations why you can’t come up with that idea. Well, go easy on yourself. You need to take your mind off the million-dollars-idea guy, try to soothe your soul, enjoy peaceful environment and listen to relaxing sounds of the ocean.

If you haven’t got time to visit the beach, good news for you: here’s a website that provides two minutes of soul-soothing ambience for you to enjoy while doing exactly nothing.

The site challenges you to do nothing with your mouse and keyboard for two minutes. Challenging indeed
Bad news: the creator of this site is Alex Tew.