Playboy’s Eye-Popping Snaps Are Coming to iPad

Steve Jobs once said that he will not allow porn on the iOS platform.

Playboy—as we all already know only too well—is a men magazine whose website mentions: “nude girls, hot girls, naked women, sexy pics with nude girls, videos of hot girls posing nude or in sexy positions…” et cetera, et cetera.

Steve Jobs appeared on Playboy, February 1985

So, the only conclusion can be drawn is: “There will never be Playboy app on iOS platform”, Right?


Possibly taking advantage of Steve Jobs’ medical leave absence, Playboy’s granddaddy Hugh Hefner tweeted on Tuesday that Playboy’s naughty bits will soon be available on iPad. “The entire back catalog as well as new issues of Playboy magazine will become available on March 2011″, the 84 year-old revealed.

Hefner then made explicit what users of the app would see: “Playboy application on iPad will be uncensored,” he said.

The ol' kid's still got it

Allowing full frontal nudity on the iPad would definitely blur the line between adult entertainment and pornography, and we’ll have to wait and see how Apple reacts to Playboy‘s plans.

Apple’s approval will inevitably start the snowball rolling, and within a year applications with mature content could be all over gizmos.


A day after the hilarious tweet, Playboy Publicist Theresa Hennessey clarified Hefner’s statement, revealing that the sensual snaps won’t be available in iPad app after all.

“We are releasing a web-based subscription service with Bondi Digital Publishing that will give users access to every issue of Playboy both past and present. The service will be iPad-compatible and will utilize iPad functions,” Hennessey said.

So,  what’s coming to iPad is actually a Playboy’s custom website rather than an application.

For those looking for a Playboy app will have one eventually, but it will be subject to all the same App Store censorship policies, in other words: no nudity.

Did I just hear a huge sigh of relief?