Google Challenge Apple’s iTunes

Google never seems to get enough. The search engine giant always wants to get themselves into every competition. Gmail, Google Chrome, Google OS, Google Wave, those are the products they made to redefine online universe. With all that, Google still can’t let iTunes get away as a frontrunner in online music service.

Google One Box, one of the latest Google feature, is a result of strong collaboration between Google, iLike, Lala, and some of the biggest record label in the world such as Warner Music, EMI, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group.

In this new feature, Google allows people to listen song preview using iLike or Lala engine before they can buy it online. Not only that, Google One Box, as reported by The Times, will also provide artist official photos, album artwork, links to news, lyric, videos and song preview. This Google One Box will be launched next week.

So, what’s next to conquer, Google?