When people ask a page that doesn’t exist in your website, a 404 error pages will be shown. The page looks like this:

But, some designers are creative enough to spice up those plain unwanted pages. Instead of leaving people with uninteresting dead end pages, they build something people can enjoy. They put some emotion in the error message. Anything that makes people stay and keep browsing the site rather that leaving it.

Sometimes maybe people are looking for something outside our sitemap. But there is also a slight chance that they get into 404 pages after clicking a valid link in our site (or our ad banner). To anticipate this, we could also use the page to gain feedback from our visitor. Give them some room to report the dead link.l

Here are some of the coolest 404 pages we found so far:

Dilbert don’t want his visitor stuck in the 404 page so he entertain everyone that lucky enough to get lost in his websites.

Nothing beats love. Zivity gives a little touch to its error page so it almost doesn’t looks error at all.

Really simple hand written messsage with some stupid picture. Don’t leave your speaker turned off. It got something to say at the beginning.

That’s right. Something is absolutely wrong. But don’t worry. We can always send direct feedback here. They also provide us with the complain template.

Yeah, don’t stay calm. Get Panic! This 404 error could kill you before you can even say “four-oh-four”.

This is a traveler’s site. So when a traveler’s get lost, they told them what to do step by step using flowchart

The Lost poster make this page cool. Period.

Simply put some comical images into your 404 page and you get a simply cool 404 page.

Let’s see… Grim Reaper –> Angel of Death –> Dead –> Dead link. Okay, I got the cool connection.

It’s the best way to get people feel involved. Use the everyday object.

Your monkey ate it, huh? Lame excuse, but entertaining page anyway.

Getting lost can be fun. At least if you’re in this site. You’ll remember the old day when you play your first Atari game while getting lost in here.

Another handwritten personal message. This always turn boring page to intimate page.

Beside showing comical images, this page also drive visitor follow it’s Twitter. Smart one.

Yeah! That’s the wierd beaver’s fault.