Usability Makes Design Complete

“Just make a super excellent web design, and let’s hear all the good things people said about it. Forget the usability testing. That’s just for nerds. Creativity rules!” and that’s the way some designer still thinking. But good design doesn’t work that way. Good design always comes with good web usability. It takes both to… Continue reading Usability Makes Design Complete

Speaking of Web Content

Imagine your website is a fine woman. That makes her hot look is your good web design. And her smart talk is your good web content. Web design plays important role to catch people eyes. It’s the first thing people will see when they visit your website. It’s also the reason for most of the… Continue reading Speaking of Web Content

Coolest 404 Error Pages

When people ask a page that doesn’t exist in your website, a 404 error pages will be shown. The page looks like this: But, some designers are creative enough to spice up those plain unwanted pages. Instead of leaving people with uninteresting dead end pages, they build something people can enjoy. They put some emotion… Continue reading Coolest 404 Error Pages