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What We Do

Integrated digital campaign has been used since Google launched its search engine. Focusing and understanding CRM are important to not only creating a better relationship with customers, but to increase conversions. Omeoo Media establishment in 2009 had a focus in conversion optimization through an integrated digital campaign.

  • Concept, Strategy, and Planning

    Omeoo believes in continuous in developing concept, strategy, and planning for your campaign. Our focus in clients objectives to ensure the conversion for ROI (Return on Investments).

  • E-mail Marketing

    Our e-mail marketing platform enables you to turn engagements into sales / revenue. We believe 100% on e-mail marketing to work on your objectives.

  • Social CRM

    Social CRM is what connects your brand / product / services together with your target market. We ensure this happens to your campaign objectives.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Whatever your conversion is, whether it’s sales, leads, or visitors, it’s important for Omeoo to evaluate to maximize efficiency in cost and performance. Omeoo focuses on conversions from the first day of the campaign.

  • Social Media Optimization

    It’s not only a Social Media, it’s a Social Media Optimization. Understanding the behavior of social media users as important as understanding yourself as on the other side of the table.

  • Website Development

    Development has been in the gene from the day we start – from the development of website, application, and others with the purpose for both tactical campaign or lifetime campaign.

Welcome To Our Portfolio

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