E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

Encourage customer to buy more of your product impulsively. Intercept them before they pay for the final price. Just like when they put candy and bubble gum at the front of cashier counter in every convenient store. When it comes to eCommerce, Amazon.com adapts this technique really well. When users click for more info about… Continue reading E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

When developing an ecommerce website, it’s more important to make it provide clear information than to give user something cool. Cool and interesting web design is actually come in handy when attracting user to look around. But once they have given their credit card number. They don’t want to play around anymore. It’s their money we’re talking… Continue reading eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

eCommerce: Think Like Customer

You’re selling your product on the internet. First thing you should do before building an eCommerce site is to think like the customers do. Visit as many eCommerce sites as you can to determine what makes you comfortable and what gives you hard time. You’ll find out that a good one always keep the categorization… Continue reading eCommerce: Think Like Customer