Twitter has been a phenomenon these days. We are living around digital world and almost everyone now has a Twitter account for everything; from only sharing what they do to marketing stuff. After had around $45 from the initial price offering at $26 in the first day of trading, we all know that Twitter is a big thing nowadays. However, this micro blogging is now already 7 years after its launching in 2006. Many things have happened since that time and Twitter has grown up.

It’s always interesting to see things grow; from nothing to something, or even everything. In 2006, when Twitter first launched, no one knew what to do with this. Depart from a question, “What are you doing?” Twitter seemed will be a boring social media thing compared to Friendster or MySpace at that time. Just look at the first tweet created by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, below.  What do you think?

Recalling the Early Years of Twitter

Moreover, interactions are limited in Twitter because there were no replies with @ at that time. I mean, at that time, we just manually put @ and username without directly linked to the person we want to reply. This reply feature just being official in 2008. Then, in the past, when you were tweeting on its web, you must often meet the “fail whale” lifted by few birds. It means that Twitter often went down at that time. FYI, in 2007, the web was down in nearly full six days because there were some very fast growths happened to its data centre.

Recalling the Early Years of Twitter

There were also no Retweet, search and trending tropic in the first three years of Twitter. People seemed get bored and still think that it’s wasted until some people shared important news instantly and real time with Twitter. So here it went citizen journalism. We all realized that Twitter can be used as a tool for media and journalists to get and share any news. In its early years, there were also no #hashtags which can be clicked and hyperlinked until July 2009.

At last, even though in its early years Twitter seemed boring, now there is around 143,000 tweets per second. What are you doing there?