Bad Social Media

Social media in recent days penetrates more in our life. In every aspect, social media impacts on our daily life. At some points, it’s absolutely useful for us to facilitate doing anything, such as getting new and real time information, convenient and fast-response conversation, or even getting useful tips for cooking. However, in the other side, social media also causes bad habits that can disturb your life and others. So this is the bad of social media, the bad of our today habits in this digital era.

1. Taking Picture and Posting Foods

Perhaps you often see people (or even yourself) in a café or restaurant indirectly eat their foods in front of them. Instead of eat the foods, they photo the foods then post it in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, etc. This habit is bad. You might be called suffered from mentally breakdown of doing such thing. It can distract your eating habit or diet.

Bad Social Media

This thing also illustrates how some people go to restaurant aim not to enjoy their foods, but to show off in social media. A research from University of California in 2012 exposed that the people frequency of looking foods in the internet will stimulates the brain to eat excessively. So, it’s better for you to avoid this habit and enjoy your normal eating life.

2. Get Lost in Your Gadget

Gadgets, such as smartphone, iPod, PSP, can get you lost from the world, the real world. Let’s narrow our talk to mobile gadget like smartphone. Most of people in the world nowadays using operation system-based smartphone, such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, or everything you named it. With those, you can be a careless person. For instance, you are sitting together in a bench with someone you like and you need to talk. But, the person next to you “get lost” in his/her gadget instead of talking to you. What do you feel?

Bad Social Media

3. Cyber-Bullying

Bad Social Media

Most of cyber bullying cases are come from teenagers. We know some bad news about girls who commits suicide by hang themselves because they are abused in online medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Or in Yogyakarta not a long time ago, a man who rammed himself to a rapid train because being bullied on Twitter caused by his failure holding a music event. It shows that interaction in social media now have a power to force people doing something, disrupt their mental and affects them to do bad things like suicide. It’s horrible.

4. Feel Neglected

Bad Social Media

What do you feel when someone doesn’t follow you back or doesn’t reply your question on Twitter? What do you feel when your message on Facebook only gets “Seen Tue 10:55am” without reply? It’s fine when you’re fine. But most people will feel neglected when they don’t get two-way communication. It will leave lonely feeling when a person doesn’t get enough attention. My advice: just leave away those online conversations. That’s not a real conversation when people get eye-contact, nice tones or good gestures from others. You can only get those things from real conversation in the real world, not digital world.

Pics: Komik Laknat, BBC News

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