Using SEO to Spread Brand Awareness

How can you reach potential customers to recognize your brand? Usually, marketing teams are the ones who spreading brand awareness using many tools that they decided to use to send the message to the market. Customers will experience the affect of brand awareness in everyday life. For example, they see ads about a new phone… Continue reading Using SEO to Spread Brand Awareness

The Battle of Facebook Page Vs. Facebook Group

Now, let’s the battle begin! First off, what are the major differences? From Search Engine Optimization stand point? Or, from web marketing stand point in general? Facebook Fan page will be visible to unregistered facebook members, and since it’s visible, therefore it’s public and searchable on search engine. This means Facebook Page will get indexed… Continue reading The Battle of Facebook Page Vs. Facebook Group

Little Favicon, Big Awareness

It’s amazing what a 16×16 pixel favicon (favorite icon) can do to strengthen brand awareness. Favicon is that little icon that shows up next to the website title at the address bar or tab bar. This little thing can do so much in representing your website or brand. It can appear everywhere. The most common… Continue reading Little Favicon, Big Awareness