The Battle of Facebook Page Vs. Facebook Group

Now, let’s the battle begin!

First off, what are the major differences? From Search Engine Optimization stand point? Or, from web marketing stand point in general?

Facebook Fan page will be visible to unregistered facebook members, and since it’s visible, therefore it’s public and searchable on search engine. This means Facebook Page will get indexed and can get ranked higher within major search engines which is good and important for corporate branding, brand awareness, and online reputation management.

Facebook group is similar to Facebook Fan Page. Facebook group will allow the administrator to send out a newsletter or messages which will arrive safely on their Facebook inbox, plus they will get notification on their e-mail. Now, this is definetly a useful viral marketing tool – very powerful indeed! Aside of send bulk messages, users can send out a bulk invitation (i.e. if you have 1,000 friends, you can select all to invite them to a group, while Facebook page will require you to drop the invitation manually, per member).

So in comparison, Facebook group is better for viral marketing purposes, whereas Facebook fan pages will only publish their messages or statuses on the fan wall page. However, from the SEO (search engine optimizations) point of view, Facebook fan pages are better since they will get indexed on search engines which will boost its page rank.

Now, let’s do a side-by-side comparison between Facebook Groups and Facebook Fan Pages.