Not many people are going to believe if someone said that you can boost your website’s traffic without using a single online marketing strategy. But the truth is, you can. Even though, you don’t have any knowledge about marketing, you can still drive lots of traffic and sales to your website. The strategy that you can use without marketing element is long tail keyword strategy.

Keywords such as “forex” and “mastercard” have very high number on average monthly searches, but even though both of the keyword are lucrative, but your site could be in a very difficult position to get high rank in Google search, because the competition for these keywords are so strict. With long tail keywords strategy, your site will be having fewer competitors for keywords that you decided to optimize. Less competition also means that those long tail keywords will bring the majority of your website’s traffic.

For example, Neil Patel from Quick Sprout shares that 91% of his website search traffic came from long tail keywords, this situation is likely happen to your site too. Even though you still need to use main keywords, with 2 or 3 words. But you definitely should optimize more on long tail keywords. To rank more on long tail keywords, the first thing you need to do is to login to your Google Webmaster. After arrive at dashboard page, go to “Search Traffic” and then click on “Search Queries”. In the page, you can find list of keywords.

The table in Search Queries page is showing list of all keywords that you rank for. The next thing you need to is take the main keywords, and then type them in Google search. For instance, if you decided to use keyword “online marketing”, then you need to type the exact words to Google search. Go to the bottom of the first page and you will see a list of keywords below “Searches related to online marketing”.

These are the keywords that Google thinks are relevant to the main keyword that you’re optimized. With main keywords are much harder to get rank than long tail keywords. So if you mix few of those long tail keywords into a page that already got rank for the relevant main keywords, you will start gaining more search traffic. All you need to do is to create long tail keywords that make sense, 2 or 3 times within the page.

Even though this is not a new strategy, but it is one of few SEO strategies that still works. You don’t have to spend much time to do this strategy and this is a very easy strategy to do especially if you already have a blog. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any knowledge on online marketing strategy, because using long tail keyword strategy you can boost your website’s traffic and sales. With simple methods like adjusting long tail keyword within website page or tweaking blog post’s title can boost your traffic. For using this strategy, you don’t just focus on title tag too much except if you’re trying to optimize on click-through rates. Instead, you can focus on optimizing the keywords on your content. Long tail keyword strategy will boost your website’s search traffic.