Ever have feeling of wonder or maybe annoyed, jealous, etc at sites that rank high on Google without being optimized and didn’t have much backlinks? If you’re curious about this then you should know that there are many reasons why it can happen. The first reason is because click-through rate. This is what a part of Google’s algorithm looks at. The percentage number of this component is reflecting the number of click that a websites received from total number of people searching for certain keyword that a website got rank on.

If a website got higher percentage of click-through rate than Google will gradually move its position to upper rank on search engine result page, with this algorithm factor is reporting to Google that searchers prefer keyword that a website got rank on. Even though monitoring click-through rate is far from enough, but with nowadays people using deceptive title tags and meta description to increase their results. Makes Google also looks at bounce rate of a website.

This assesses number of people who left a page by clicking back button of browser to return to search engine result page. So, when Google drives 1.000 searches to a page of a website and all of the 1.000 searches clicking the back button in few seconds, the Google algorithm will mark the webpage as irrelevant. Many website can rank well on Google without being optimized have high click-through rate and low bounce rate. These factors helps a website maintain their position on Google’s result page.

Age is the second reason why websites can rank high on Google with being optimized. Age is one of the main factors why few websites can have good rank. If you look carefully, most of the sites that got high rank have few years old on their age. Even though most of the older sites having more backlinks and contents than others because they have been on the internet longer but not all of them using those strategy. A new website using heavy relevant backlink strategy and having quality content, still not going to get the same search traffic like older site get.

There’s nothing can be done on this situation, just be patience and give it time. Eventually, the new website will become older site, and the more search traffic will come with gradually the site being improved. Reason number 3 is backlinks. Today, Google not only just look at how many backlinks a site got, it also sees at relevancy and authority. Most of non-optimized sites can rank high with just having couple of high quality backlinks directing to the relevant internal page. For instance, a website only got few backlinks, but the backlinks it got are from .gov and .edu extensions. Then it will rank very well on Google’s search result page.

Not only having the right backlinks, non-optimized sites also have a spot-on anchor text for these links. Because most of SEO strategies think that a website just need rich anchor text links to get high rank, but the truth is it’s not. Google can look at a webpage that send link to other page and analyze the text around link and also the text on the content. This algorithm helps Google to decide if the link is relevant to a site and what it should potentially rank for.