As one of the most effective ways on increasing revenue when promoting products or services online, landing page plays a crucial part. The role of a landing page is very simple; it’s like teaser of a song or trailer of a movie. It points all the best features of a product or service that want to be seen to users and to make them interested to take an action of what they saw. There are many ways to optimize a landing page. But before that, there a few things that need to be explain.

What need to be realize is that landing page is important because it can increases campaign performance. Even only by 1%, the increase of campaign performance can boost your revenue. Not only the visual is important, but the load speed of landing page is also plays a huge role on gaining revenue. Because no one want to sit in front of monitor for a really long time just to order or buy something. An acceptable load speed of a page is under 10 seconds.

When testing landing page, do split testing of everything, because simple changes like button colors, form placement and call-to-action phrase, can make a huge difference in conversion rates. Optimized landing page for mobile view is a “must do”. With many users nowadays not only access a website from computer, but also from phone, means that this is a huge opportunity to gain revenue from mobile user. To improve landing page conversions, take a look at 8 ways that need to do:

  1. Having a clear call-to-action. Call-to-action of landing page is what user needs to do when visiting the page. A clear, concise and stand out are what call-to-action need to have.
  2. Less text is more. Having the right amount of text in landing page is important, too much text on this page can confuse and distract user to do what they want in the first place.
  3. Keep the page stay clean. Just like text, less design, colors and images that on the landing page can make a good difference.
  4. Choose the right images. For specific campaign of holiday, choose the best images that can deliver the message to users.
  5. Use bullet formatting. This is a great way to explain key elements with only using a little space on the page and a little time to read.
  6. Use contrasting colors. To create a visual appealing landing page, using contrast and complimentary colors can be a great way to connect with users emotions.
  7. Create a sense of urgency. One of the best ways to get users to take an action is to create a sense of urgency, like a countdown digital clock.
  8. Remove unnecessary navigation. Removing unnecessary navigation and outbound links can limit distraction that landing page has.