Johnson Home Hygiene Product (JHHP) Indonesia has initiated a movement to fight Dengue fever called “Gerakan Nasional Cegah Demam Berdarah”. Omeoo Media is proud to stand beside them and take part on the online campaign.

Blue ribbon

As a country with tropical climate, Indonesia’s still haunted with this deadly disease called dengue fever. The number of deaths by this mosquito-borne disease is still growing each year. JHHP Indonesia, as a leader in insect control product (Baygon), care for the issue and think Indonesia should do more on Dengue prevention.

Gerakan Nasional Cegah Demam Berdarah is initiated by JHHP Indonesia, but belongs to everyone who wants to oppress dengue existence in Indonesia. For those who want to support this campaign, just join:

FB Page

And FB Group

JHHP Indonesia will donate Rp 500,- every time a new member join the FB Page. And another Rp 500,- for new member of the group. So if you join both Page and Group, you will make Rp 1000,- donation that is paid by JHHP Indonesia.

The entire donation will be used for the need of dengue prevention campaign and medical support for dengue victim. Please spread the movement wider than a dengue could spread.