iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird Installed Reach Fantastic Bid Price on eBay

The Economics belief said that if the stocks depleted and demand got a lot, the price will be risen up and gets expensive. This belief applies to the Smartphone that has been installed a Flappy Bird, a recent popular games.

It has been known that Don Nguyen, the inventor, has decided to delete the games which had been launched in some application stores, iOS and Android market due to several unclear reasons for such uncommon games inventor.

Due to the curiosity of Flappy Bird among the crowd, many Smartphone which has been installed Flappy bird are thrown to the market with high and unreasonable price. Until now on, eBay sites is still advertising a great number Flappy Bird Smartphone with various prices, ranging from tens of dollars to hundred thousand dollars.

iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird Installed Reach a Fantastic Bid Price on eBay-1

One Smartphone that has a very fantastic bid price on eBay is iPhone 5 16 GB. On Monday night, February 10, 2014, the price of this Smartphone has reached 20 thousand U.S. dollars (about 245 million rupiah ).

Although it has reached a fantastic bid price, many people feel doubt about the seriousness of the bid since the price does not make sense. Moreover, the game actually considers just making the players feel frustrated rather than make them happy.

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