Twitter Users Reaction After Flappy Bird Shut Down

Which one of you still feel sad because of Flappy Bird is taken off? Surprisingly this simple, addicting game very famous these couple weeks. As we know on Saturday (8/2/2014) we heard shocking news come from developer Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen. he said in 22 hours he will take Flappy Bird down from iOs and Google Play Store. After 22 hours its proven, Flappy Bird is no longer available in iOs and Play Store.

Flappy Bird-Dong Nguyen Tweets
@dongatory tweets before he take off Flappy Bird from iOs and Google Play Store


“I cannot keep it anymore” i can understand because Flappy Bird become very famous games since  January 2014. Flappy bird reach 50 million+ download and its still counting until Dong Nguyen removed it from iOs and Google PlayStore. Flappy bird changed his life from unknown man become very famous man. since then everyday he have to deal with camera, media,  and Flappy Bird fans. His famous name make him sick and he cant deal with it anymore.

Huffttt, his tweet has created a lot of reaction from people around the worlds. Here are some reactions that i captured from twitter

1. They will kill Dong Nguyen. as famous games Flappy Bird have die hard fans who will not accept if Flappy Bird removed. 

They Will Kill Flappy Bird Developer

2. Created Hoax Dong Nguyen is die, yeah there are some people are tweeted about it. off course its hoax

Hoax Dong Nguyen Die

3. Take advantage from it, yeah they sell their phone with flappy bird installed with very high price :O

Flappy Bird inside

4. Create campaign to save Flappy Bird, Retweet tweet below and show him you care!

Create Campaign #SaveFlappyBird