Coming Soon: Google+ App For iOS Devices

Google+ iOS app awaiting approval

Last week, Google launched a social networking service dubbed Google+, a project which – despite still being in beta stage – has quickly become the hottest topic of the social media universe. At the moment, the service is available by invitation only, but by the time it goes public, there may be an official iPhone app for you to run it on.

As Google’s own Erica Joy revealed, the Google+ iPhone app has, in fact, been submitted to Apple for review some time ago. It is now stuck in review and awaiting approval.

According to Google's Erica Joy, Google+ iOS app is now awaiting approval from Apple

While Joy’s initial post related to the iPhone, she then clarified that it’ll likely be a universal app, one that runs on the iPad and iPhone. “Sorry, even though I have an iPad and not an iPhone, I always call iOS apps ‘iPhone apps’. I’m sure it’s something to do with conditioning,” said the Google techie.

On the Google+ information page, there is a list of options for accessing the network from your mobile device. There’s already a native application for Android smartphones, but Google clearly states that an app for iPhone is “coming soon.”

Google states that an app for iOS devices is "coming soon."