Know Your Meme, the online encyclopedia that documents viral phenomena, has been purchased by Cheezburger Network, the Internet funnies colossus which includes LOL sites like Fail Blog, Memebase, The Daily What and The Art of Trolling.

Cheezburger Network founder and CEO Ben Huh revealed that acquisition talks started in January, and the deal closed last Monday. Neither party would publicly comment on the price, but reportedly it was valued in seven digits.

Know Your Meme (KYM) is a wiki site designed to curate all the memes that were hitting the Internet, as well as a blog to chronicle all the latest meme news. Huh believes that KYM is a useful resource to build a context and it helps people to know the origins of many Internet memes, especially the new ones.

A pair consisting some of the Internet’s most loved funny sites and the site that chronicles them surely looks like a match made in heaven. In addition, four KYM staff who are joining Cheezburger as part of the deal will bring some editorial content that Cheezburger the Internet humor had previously lacked.