Say Great Things About Your Friends… with Stars

For years, the internet impresario Ze (pronounced “zay”) Frank has been mastering the art of creating online play spaces (check out some of his works: Flower MakerSnow FlakeThe Scribbler and the heartwarming youngme/nowme).

So, when I heard another plaything created by Frank was launched, I can’t help but get excited.

On February 4, Frank introduced, a social-network-slash-social-game based around the action of giving people Stars. A great way to tell your friends how awesome they are, IMO.

You can give out themed Stars with messages like “You’re Awesome!,” “UR NERDY,” “UR SILLY,” “BFF,” “Frienemy” and, uh… “Bromance”.

Listen guys, I totally deserve "Great Listener Star"

The actions of giving and receiving Stars unlock new stars and inevitably, more people will send stars in your direction.

On your profile page you can see how much people like you. It features a collection of items sent by people who think those items represent you. Your profile also shows “Stars sent” and “Stars received” as well as items you still have to give. When you click on “Give A ✩” in the top right of your dashboard you are presented with a palette of unique options which you can choose to distribute to your friends via, Facebook or Twitter.

Not bad. At least Sara is someone's BFF

Although still in invite-only beta version, looks set to captivate social media beeyotches who are desperately longing for tokens of admiration.