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Have you ever been so addicted to a game, that you feel so uneasy that you just. have. to finish it? This is exactly what’s happening to me right now.

For those whose smartphone carriers are either an iOS or an Android base, have you downloaded a game application called Icon Pop Quiz? If you’re a big fan of trivia games, this is a total recommendation and is currently the it game today.

The free application with over 1 million downloads was born from the crafted hands of developer in Indonesia’s progressive mobile game originator, Alegrium.

Icon Pop Quiz challenge you to guess famous people, hit movies and TV shows as well as characters in little cute icons with amazing graphics. Icon Pop Quiz uses handcrafted, originally designed visual clues to address their trivia. After selecting an icon, you have to type in the most correct answer. 100 tokens are awarded for each correct answer, which can go towards unlocking hints and contents in the game. The more accurate and quick you respond, the better score you will get. Icon Pop Quiz will not let you get stuck in a puzzle. The game offers helpful hints to help users when needed. However they come at a price, which is several amount of tokens are taken out of your score to give out an extra clue to the puzzle.

Oh and have I mentioned about their stunning designs for each icons? No? Well, Icon Pop Quiz has its graphics praised as one of the biggest focus of the game. The design and artwork made for this application is created beautifully and so well detailed that it’s proven their time and effort was paid off in the making of this app.

icon app

Growing up slouching in front of the TV, I personally love challenging myself from answering icons related to our pop culture today and from the past. Answering correctly without using the hints especially, made me feel so updated and smart. Hands down, the best digital trivia game today proudly produced by locals!

Have a try at how much you know about your pop culture by downloading Icon Pop Quiz today!

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