SEO Tools For Free

Many people know that is not easy to get the backlinks through blogcomenting; register your blog to blog directories and social bookmarking sites; and submit articles to article directory web directory.  Despite all the difficulties, we will feel bored since they have to be repeated continuously.

In consequence, nowadays, tools and software have been created to support the link building named Scrapebox.  Using  Scrapebox, we can get thousands of backlinks automatically fast. However,  Paying in advance is the main requirement to be able to occupy the Scapebox. The cost of the paying advance was $97 per single PC License in 2011. The price is worthy enough considering the ability of Scrapebox. If you still find it too expensive, you should try this tools and free software as follows:

IM Talk Tools

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IM Talk or Internet Marketing ( is a forum where the participant can engage for an online discussion about internet marketing and SEO. To be able to participate in the discussion, You need to be registered as a member.  In addition to discussing, we can also try some of the tools so that you can demonstrate the ability of Search Engine Optimization, such as:

  1. IMT Website Submitter, to create pages containing backlinks to your blog or website.
  2. IMT Directory Submitter, to facilitate us registering to thousands of blogs Blog Directory.
  3. IMT RSS Submitter, to submit your blog RSS feeds to 5 RSS Directory which is being randomly selected from 8 RSS provided Directory.

Traffic Travis

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Traffic Travis ( is an internet marketing tools which has been developed by Mark Ling. Traffic Travis has several modules, such as website analysis, keyword research, and other functions that are related to Search Engine Optimization. There are two versions of Traffic Travis, the free version and the professional one. Both versions are not essentially pole apart. The difference is only in the some module result.

In addition, there are a lot of other tools and softwares that we can occupy to help us optimizing our blog or website to get the best position in the search engines, especially Google. However, we need to pay it mostly, only a few which are free.