Imagine your website is a fine woman. That makes her hot look is your good web design. And her smart talk is your good web content.

Web design plays important role to catch people eyes. It’s the first thing people will see when they visit your website. It’s also the reason for most of the people to stay or to leave at the first time. Good web design will make people stay. After the design does its job, now it’s the web content’s turn.

People like your site. Now it’s the time to get them know what you’re talking about. This should be easy if people enjoy what they’re seeing or reading anything in your website. The question is how to make such content.

First, we will need an outline. Never write anything without one. This will help you to get your content structured. People should be much more comfortable to read flowing story. You can be creative, tells anything that spice up your content but you must stick to the outline.

After that, decide the language you will use. We’re not talking about English or Bahasa, Mandarin or Tagalog. We’re saying that you should use everyday words. Stay casual, informal, and friendly in your writing. The point is people understand simple words easier. But of course you can also use big words, long complex sentences, or other thesis style writing… if you want to get people bored, leave your site and never come back.

Next, if your site carries a specific brand name, don’t oversell your brand there. Put yourself in the readers’ position, readers that only go online to visit facebook and search useful information for themselves. Now think! What is good about my brand that people would be interested to knows. Then tell them some good story.

The last thing is proofread. Never upload the first draft you make. After you finish with one draft, read again, and again. Check for spelling error. Also important: replace existing sentences with better sentences. There must be a lot of fresh idea popping out of your head while you’re doing proofreading. Don’t hesitate to put it in. It will make your content even fresher.

See, we don’t need a single picture to get you read the whole article.