Fly – Fly

One of our lady, just gave birth to baby jump-jump, help her catch the baby using the tail. Our tail can be extended and they are soft and furry, so it’s safe for baby flyfly

Baby bug

Welcome to the game, Please take babybug to it’s mother, use your arrow key to lead baby bug.Remember babybug hates water, don’t let it get drowned!!

Jakarta Indonesia Public Transportation Icon Pack

For this April 2010 edition, Omeoo Media is launching icon pack just for both Window users and Mac users. If you like what we have done, please give us a comment at the bottom of the page. We always like our reader to give us some feedback. To download, please use the below link. Jakarta… Continue reading Jakarta Indonesia Public Transportation Icon Pack

Afraid Bee

Doggy Dog need to pass over a garden to reach his favourite shrub, it’s only need 60 secons to reach it. There is one problem, there are bees there! Doggy Dog is afraid!! Help Doggy Dog pass the garden, use your arrow keys to help Doggy Dog avoid the bees. Remember his health points, don’t… Continue reading Afraid Bee

Blue Omeoo Wallpaper

March 2010 Edition – Blue Omeoo Free Wallpaper.

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