The Candy Cat

help Tomtom the cat to eat the candy. move him with your arrows keyboard.


Hello! i am Wolly. I am one of the sheep you count when you can’t sleep. Actually, I have a bigger responsibility than that. My other responsibility is to destroy nightmare seed

Get Turtoise

Help the turtoise to see his friend, because he is still aboy, he can swim only in shallow water. Click and drag him to lead him, and don’t let him drown. He could only lasted for 20 points for breath, remember that…


Hey all! bet you never met trowtrow. This is trow-trow, look how round they are! and they loved to be throwed. Now, see how far you can throw trowtrow. just click it here or in the sidebar to launch him.


This is Thornton. He is defending his friends from some gooey thingy, that saliva work like acid. Lucky for Thornton, they are like a ballon, popping up when poked. Use your arrow key to move him, and left click to shoot the enemy. Remember don’t let the saliva get through the land, or you will… Continue reading Thorntorn

Mr. Raccoon

collect things and get the points remember to click to catch things with Mr. Raccon’s mouth Your time’s up in 60 secons, good luck!

Monkey Puzzle

Puzzle Pieces Mr. MonMon

Clean The Moss

OH NO!!!! My parent’s already home. I can’t believe this, i am so gonna get grounded for this like… forever!! What about graduation day!? And prom!? My life is gonna be clouded by the moss!!! HELPPPPPP!!!

Save The Kitten

Please help Mrs. Kitty save her children from being drown by Mr. Garong. Remember to stir Mrs. Kitty with your arrow keyboard, and don’t laet Mrs. Kitty out of the panel

Hang Berry

HIYA! Me’s Berry-berry, you have heard hangman game? Ofcourse you have!! This is no different…. much…