Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

We always stand in the shoes of website designer/developer, so when we visit our own website and ask ourselves “why am I here?” we always have thousands of reasons.

But, how about your visitors? They wouldn’t be there just to check for bugs, or finding out what to do to make the design looks cleaner. So give them some reasons to stay.

why am i here?

Obviously, user will get into one website at the first place because they find useful information inside it. Power of content plays an important role in this game. When we decide who would our target visitors be, we should already know everything that matters to them. That way, we know what kind of information we should fill up our website with.

We give them good content, they come, and now make them stay longer. Users will likely try to dig for more. Provide links to related content on every page, let them explore inside our website. Also it’s a good idea to give them more than text content. We can always use flash or video streaming to give user more experience.