Web designs standard are getting better from time to time, but web user also become more ruthless, intolerant, and selfish. They often ignore our fancy web design and just visit our site to get information they need, and go away.

Good web design is important. But good web design doesn’t mean fancy and flashy looks. Today’s good web design must have good web usability. People go to a site and get quickly to the point, they have very little patience. They want everything as quickly as possible.

Long page load time could drive them away, so stop adding widget and application if they don’t do any significant support to web usability.

Users nowadays are more likely to enter a site via deep link not via homepage. They click on a link somewhere (maybe search engine) and the link direct them to certain subpage inside our web. That’s why deep linking is important when we do some offsite SEO.

Only 25 people out of 100 travel a site via homepage. The rest go to certain page from search engine. This is why we said search engine rules the internet world, and SEO still an excellent method to gain traffic.