Be Ruthless, Load Faster

Fast page load time is a part of good web usability. People always love high speed websites. Not only that, Google also have announced that they will also put Page Load Time in their page ranking system. This could do very much for SEO. Let’s get your site run faster.

Graphic image is inseparable with web design, but image usage must be minimized effectively to get a fast load time. The fewer the image, the faster load time you get. But if you still have to use plenty of images, make sure the images are optimized all the way.

Keep the file size small. Choose less color from the color palette. Use JPEG or GIF format, they’re best for web. Be careful on animated GIFs. They take time to completely load, and sometimes can be irritating for user to wait it.

Same thing go to flash files. Flash can be entertaining but it obviously takes time. Better to use HTML in most of your design. HTML can be entertaining too if you use it creatively. Just go crazy experimenting on tables and CSS style.

And the last thing is, always test the load time. Stand in the users position. Be a ruthless intolerant user for your own website. Get mad when the page load slowly and optimize it again and again.