How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

The holy Internet is full of amazing videos. Some are amusing, some are inspirational and some are profound. But for every great video you see, there are a number of videos that are just plain awful. Many of these videos actually have the potential to be viral, but sadly, lack in execution. Below are things you… Continue reading How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

Using YouTube for SMO

They use most of their time utilizing Facebook and Twitter. That’s not wrong seeing that those two sites are the most used sites by internet user today.

But still, YouTube is one of the most powerful tools to spread viral and create trend. Just ask Shinta & Jojo.

Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

Online video is on the raise. Video is today’s most uploaded file on the internet. YouTube reach 1 billion views per day or over 41 million views per hour. From that number we can see that online video could be huge trend in 2010. Therefore, some web agencies may utilize this phenomenon and make some… Continue reading Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

YouTube: Italian Guy Went To Malta

This is one of YouTube oldest videos that would never get old. Peace on you… Video is courtesy of Alundras.