Omeoo Got New Kids in the House!

This early 2010 has been a really busy time for Omeoo. We’re so busy that we forgot to introduce you to our new family members. Okay, our bad… So, ladies and gentlemen, here they are… Yudistira Adi Brata – Account Executive Experience, calmness, and patience. Mr. Yudi got it all. Action speaks louder than words.… Continue reading Omeoo Got New Kids in the House!

Welcoming New Employees

Four new employees have joined Omeoo Team this week. Below are the name with title position: Radityo Soenarto Web Journalist Manager. He will be in charge of generating contents for all of Omeoo web properties. He plays an important role for our web development team. His creativity in generating web contents are amazing. Arisyi Web… Continue reading Welcoming New Employees