Jeff Lanctot Returns to Digital Agency Razorfish

Former Microsoft exec Jeff Lanctot has rejoined the digital agency where he spent 10 years as an employee, Razorfish. The move ends a two-year dalliance with Microsoft, where Lanctot stayed after its 2009 sale of Razorfish to Publicis Groupe. Mr. Lanctot will serve in the newly created role of Chief Media Officer, reporting directly to Razorfish… Continue reading Jeff Lanctot Returns to Digital Agency Razorfish

Windows Phone 7 “Mango” in RTM Stage

Microsoft announced yesterday that the newest version of the Windows Phone 7, code-named “Mango,” has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage. The RTM stage marks the end of Microsoft’s development of the mobile OS. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now start incorporating the mobile operating system update into their new smartphone products. “Here on the Windows Phone… Continue reading Windows Phone 7 “Mango” in RTM Stage

Eric Schmidt: The New Platform War is On

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt points out that the new platform war – which cover web services and, to a lesser extent, mobile devices – is well and truly underway. He believes that this war is being fought by “a gang of four”.

Depixelizing Pixel Art

In a new research paper, Microsoft’s Johannes Kopf and The Hebrew University’s Dani Lischinski describe a new algorithmic method for converting pixel art into smooth vectors.

Internet Explorer 9 Downloaded 2.35 Million Times in The First 24 Hours

IE 9′s numbers aren’t quite as impressive compared to other browsers, though.