eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

When developing an ecommerce website, it’s more important to make it provide clear information than to give user something cool. Cool and interesting web design is actually come in handy when attracting user to look around. But once they have given their credit card number. They don’t want to play around anymore. It’s their money we’re talking… Continue reading eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

Reached 2nd Page on Google

It’s Sunday morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been optimizing various keywords for our web development company. One of these top keywords is “jakarta web design“. Four months ago we were not even listed on google for this keyword, and now, we are listed on the second page. Our site is bounced back and… Continue reading Reached 2nd Page on Google

Jakarta Web Design Development

Have you look around the city of Jakarta trying to find a web development company that suits your needs? Maybe not and I can tell you that much. Looking for a good web development company is not easy, especially in big city like Jakarta, where the amount of web companies are limited.