We Have Two Google Professional Certified Individuals

Omeoo Media proudly announce that we currently have two Google Professional Certified indiviuals in the house. This means that we are now an authorized Google Certified Partner and also qualified reseller of Google Advertising AdWords.

Our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

New Omeoo starts today. This 2010 is definitely our year.

Before Developing a Flash…

Flash is always been great if it’s built based on the right purpose and technique. There are some things to consider before we work on our flash development. Some clients want to use flash because just because it’s currently a happening trend. Now it’s the web agency task to remind them that representing corporate/brand image… Continue reading Before Developing a Flash…

E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

Encourage customer to buy more of your product impulsively. Intercept them before they pay for the final price. Just like when they put candy and bubble gum at the front of cashier counter in every convenient store. When it comes to eCommerce, Amazon.com adapts this technique really well. When users click for more info about… Continue reading E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

Life Time SMM

There’s a huge difference between integrated online marketing with social media marketing. Integrated marketing campaign comes to an end when the goal is accomplished, but SMM, goes as long as your brand lives. Of course it’s a lifetime process. In SMM, you’re not just selling your brand. You’re making friends. You’re building relationship with your… Continue reading Life Time SMM

Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

Online video is on the raise. Video is today’s most uploaded file on the internet. YouTube reach 1 billion views per day or over 41 million views per hour. From that number we can see that online video could be huge trend in 2010. Therefore, some web agencies may utilize this phenomenon and make some… Continue reading Video (doesn’t) Kill the Online Star

Happy Belated Birthday, Facebook Connect!

Six days ago, 4 December 2009, Facebook celebrated the first year anniversary of Facebook Connect, the first major extension of Facebook platform. Facebook Connect allows Facebook user to log into every Facebook Connect integrated site using their Facebook account, bringing their social graph outside Facebook. Today, one year after the extension’s opened for business, it… Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday, Facebook Connect!

Reached 2nd Page on Google

It’s Sunday morning here in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been optimizing various keywords for our web development company. One of these top keywords is “jakarta web design“. Four months ago we were not even listed on google for this keyword, and now, we are listed on the second page. Our site is bounced back and… Continue reading Reached 2nd Page on Google