Simplicity in Usability

You actually don’t need much work to develop a website with high usability. Most web agencies work so hard on sophisticated design and feature, they often forgot about how user loves simplicity. They could use some clear content with straightforward language. That would give them the whole important point of information as quickly as possible.… Continue reading Simplicity in Usability

Neat up Hyperlink Placement

Hyperlink isn’t just a tool to transfer user to another page. It’s also part of web content that can catch user eye. We know a lot of people tend to scan the page when they see a web page. Hyperlinks that usually underlined and have different color is always stand out among regular body text.… Continue reading Neat up Hyperlink Placement

Give Hyperlinks a Name

Every time you turn some text into hyperlink, always give them a link title. Link title is just like image title or any other file title. It should be clear information about where the link will direct user. First, this link titles not only function as web usability enhancer. It would tell user where they’re… Continue reading Give Hyperlinks a Name