How to: Craft Effective Headlines and Increase CTR

Most online readers take only a few seconds before deciding whether or not they are interested in what you have to say in your article. After spending hours planning and writing, you certainly don’t want the readers to miss out on your great content just because your headline fails to grab their attention in those few… Continue reading How to: Craft Effective Headlines and Increase CTR

Writing SEO-Friendly Headlines: No Pun

As search engine optimization becomes the critical component to a well-read article on the Internet, the time has come for web editors to stop writing headlines that involve a play on words and start crafting SEO-friendly headlines instead. Most journalists, of course, would disagree with this approach, as they have spent years honing their skills in… Continue reading Writing SEO-Friendly Headlines: No Pun

Easy Accessible Account Page

User’s information such as emails and other contact data is valuable things in internet marketing. With those information in our hand, it will be easier to blast campaign message to our target audience. On of the way to grab those information is by grabbing users to be member of our website. In order to get… Continue reading Easy Accessible Account Page

Headline is Your First Strike

Ninety percent of reasons for people keep reading web content is the headline. They may keep reading or leave at once, all depends on the headline. When people scan page (instead of read), headline is the strongest thing to catch their eye. You’ve caught their attention, now it’s your chance to impress them. In the… Continue reading Headline is Your First Strike