How Google Ranks Our Pages

We play our SEO on the Google field so it’s important for us to follow their game. We all know that Google doesn’t just pick random page for their top list. They have some ranking system that separates which site should go on top and which one stays on backyard. Links play an important role.… Continue reading How Google Ranks Our Pages

Chrome OS: An OS Inspired by Web Browser

Seriously, Google’s still trying to conquer the world of computer technology. After they recently release a new programming language (Google Go), now they’re releasing an Operating System (OS). This OS is inspired by their newcomer-but-quickly-getting-popular browser, Google Chrome. How on earth does a browser can be the beginning of an OS, here’s the story.

Web Statistics Big Words

So now you got your site analyzed using Google Analytics. You’ll get a lot of data and information thrown at you, but do you understand what are those data telling you? Let’s find out how to read it. You might get better idea for your internet marketing if you know the right way of processing… Continue reading Web Statistics Big Words

Once Again, Why SEO?

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO. Now let’s go back far to the question of why you should use SEO at the first place. Here are some interesting facts about why SEO can be a powerful tool to support your internet marketing. First, internet wouldn’t be the same without search engine. Like it or… Continue reading Once Again, Why SEO?

Google Challenge Apple’s iTunes

Google never seems to get enough. The search engine giant always wants to get themselves into every competition. Gmail, Google Chrome, Google OS, Google Wave, those are the products they made to redefine online universe. With all that, Google still can’t let iTunes get away as a frontrunner in online music service. Google One Box,… Continue reading Google Challenge Apple’s iTunes

Search Engines: Before They Were Popular

1. Ask Jeeves Well, Ask Jeeves is actually its 90’s name because today, this search engine is called This site started at 1996 by Garret Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley California. “Jeeves” is the name of the “gentleman’s personal gentleman”, or valet (illustrated by Marcos Sorensen), fetching answers to any question asked. This… Continue reading Search Engines: Before They Were Popular