Wanted: 5 Content Writers

Responsibilities: – Generate text based content for Omeoo’s project properties such as website, blog, social media, etc – Create content plan and strategy that meets project’s objective – Scan and edit content article to make sure no technical or grammatical error – Support project’s SEO by utilizing keywords in generating articles and knowing marketing content… Continue reading Wanted: 5 Content Writers

Headline is Your First Strike

Ninety percent of reasons for people keep reading web content is the headline. They may keep reading or leave at once, all depends on the headline. When people scan page (instead of read), headline is the strongest thing to catch their eye. You’ve caught their attention, now it’s your chance to impress them. In the… Continue reading Headline is Your First Strike

Dump All the ROTten Content

ROT stands for: Redundant, Outdated, and Trivial. These kinds of web content will not only give user a bad experience, it also causes some other bad impacts for your website.

The Great Inverted Pyramid

Inverted pyramid structure is the best idea if we want to catch people attention with an online article. People hate reading on the internet. They scan. Some of part that would stop their eye for a second or two are: –          Headline –          Subheadline –          First few words of the body text Always put the… Continue reading The Great Inverted Pyramid

Neat Content Have Structure

Neat content article comfort users more. To be neat we can’t just write. Our writing has to be organized and have structure. This way, user will give a good experience reading our content. To have a neat content, we have to start every page with a good headline. It should be a unique, precise, and… Continue reading Neat Content Have Structure

A Skillful Web Content Writer Could …

Web content writers are also ordinary writer. They master the basic skill of article writing just like any conventional writer does. But web content writer has something more such as… Understand the cyber world really well Web content writers know that internet isn’t all about text. The screen can also show moving picture, sound, video,… Continue reading A Skillful Web Content Writer Could …