Not Another Inhumane Photo Touch Up

Hi, in this tutorial we will be having a touch up photography without making it inhumane. So there are a couple of details that I didn’t want to go into waste. And this is the tutorial.


Chinese Painting

Hi all. This tutorial is about making a photograph looks more like Chinese comic. Soft looking and all. I always get jealous when I see their artwork, and I am still hoping that I could draw and color like them. Anyway, let’s start practicing. Step01: This is the image I used. It’s looking modern and… Continue reading Chinese Painting

From BW to Color

I know, you know how to desaturate an image, just press shift+ctrl+u. But if you want to color them, there is a lot more steps, and here’s the steps. Step01: First this is my image. I take this image from Anyway,the first thing you have to do is double click the background layer and… Continue reading From BW to Color

Old Looking Photo Impression

Hi again, today’s tutorial is making a new photo to have an old looking impression. To  make it history like and everything. Oh, and  I am using photoshop CS4 to make this tutorial so I didn’t know if it will work well in other version… Step01 First, choose a photo. This is a dancer from… Continue reading Old Looking Photo Impression