Live Trace in Illustrator

Hi all. There is this really cool thing in illustrator called live trace. From this we could built a bacteria kinda living thing from nothing. So here we go. Step01: Make a perfect rectangle using a rectangle tool (M), and use a radial gradient to fill it, choose the color from the swatches, I used… Continue reading Live Trace in Illustrator

Bridge Illustration in Illustrator CS4

Hello, let’s make a bridge in illustrator CS4. It was easy and basically just need a lot copy and paste though. So, let’s get started. Step 01: Make a rectangle path using marquee tool (M) Step 02: then using ellipse tool (L) make a big circle in the middle of it, then reposition it, until… Continue reading Bridge Illustration in Illustrator CS4

Opacity Mask in Illustrator CS4

Hello, this is the tutorial using opacity mask, like the title said. Using this mask, you could have a more complicated mask , and I think this is an awesome trick to learn. Let’s get it done then…. Step01: Make box using rectangle tool(M), then go to window>swatch library>gradients>sky. Fill it without any stroke.  And… Continue reading Opacity Mask in Illustrator CS4

Radiance Looking Type

Hi, this tutorial purpose is to make a radiance looking font, the use of appearance box in Adobe Illustrator, and in case some of you didn’t know, we could make a gradient like stroke in this tutorial. So, here we go… Step 01: Type your text first; in this tutorial I used Bauhaus 93, 110… Continue reading Radiance Looking Type

Matrix Effect on Illustrator

Hi all, you know matrix right?? The green color , the falling letter, shiny and everything. Now we want to make one in Adobe Illustrator CS4. In this tutorial I am gonna use the “Omeoo” name though. So let’s get it done, then. Step01 Type your text, in here I used Franklin Gothic Heavy 120… Continue reading Matrix Effect on Illustrator