NASA Unveils Incredible ‘Global Selfie’ of Earth

A month ago, NASA (the organization of aerospace from USA) invite all people in the world to do the Selfie and share it through various social media completed with the hashtag #globalselfie. NASA invites all the people all over the world to do the selfie at their own location in April 22nd, 2014. They also rise up the question: “Where are you on Earth Right Now?”

NASA Unveils Incredible Global Selfie of Earth-1

People who are participating in this event have been collected and compiled into an earth mozaic. Last week, the mozaic can be enjoyed by the world. The result is quiet tremendous since the pictures have been submitted reach 36.422 pieces originated from 113 countries across the continents. The photo’s compilation reaches the volume of 3,2 Gigapixel.

NASA Unveils Incredible Global Selfie of Earth-2

Are you interested to see the #GlobalSelfie picture? Just visit the NASA page. This page provides widget zoom that you can use to see each of the selfie.

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