Google Launches An Instagram Account

On Monday, May 19th 2014, Google finally decides to create its own account in instagram. Although they have their own social media, Google+, Instagram which is the largest photography social media seems more attractive to Google, the giant Information Technology company.

The Instagram account that owns by Google creates their first ponting about the homepage that displays Rubik’s Cube doodle that can be played. Google post it to celebrate the 40 years of Rubik’s Cube .

Currently, there is no official statement why Google create the Instagram account. One of the information about it comes from their Twitter account. The Twitter account itself introduce the instagram account. Instagram account by Google currently just follow the other Google service in Instagram, like Google Maps, YouTube and Google Glass.

Google Launches An Instagram Account-1

Google has specific features for photo in their social media, Google+. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t provide the sharing features, like Vine or Instagram. A lot of people said that they will provide the same service. Instagram has 200 million active users every month. Many of them take the benefit for promoting their product, like Nike and Samsung USA.

It is interesting to wait for the Google’s posting in their Instagram account. Will Google announce the important announcement or they just do the same thing like they did in Google+? Or Google will just share the Doodles which has been doing by Google in special occasion. Let’s just wait and see!