A Look Back, How Facebook Celebrate 10 Years Birthdays

Screenshot 2014-02-05 21.28.19

Yesterday  Facebook has just celebrate their 10th birthday. Waw, Facebook are this far ya. I think  Mark Zuckenberg never thought that facebook will go this far. From Harvard social networking now facebook become the biggest social networking in the world! Mark Zuckenberg and Team ask us to celebrate Facebook’s Birthday with their new feature called  Look back. Look back is a newest facebook feature that users can create create a personalized movie or photo collection featuring your moments shared on the Facebook. Look back only include your photos and your status who made by you.  status and photo that you have been tagged are not included.

Facebook Lookback-1

You can access this feature in  facebook.com/lookback and here it goes. Facebook will bring you to your old memories.at first look back will show you collage of your photos and then the next minutes it goes to your joined year and your first post.  This one minute video will take you to some kind of life journey. I suddenly remember about my first photo and also my past status. I suggest you not access this feature if you are not move on and you still have your ex photos on your album 😀

Hey, Mark Zuckenberg happy birthday to your Facebook. Thank you for your “gift” to us. We wait  for another surprise 🙂