SMM: Twitter Account Optimized

Now you have a Twitter account for your brand. Are you forgetting something? Let’s check it out.

See your avatar. Do you see bird? If yes, upload an image now. People don’t like receiving tweet from just ‘bird’. It just looks like spammer who just wants to blast tons of messages without caring enough to upload some identity.

Same thing goes to your account bio. This is where your follower (or follower to be) finds out who post those interesting tweets. It would be such a waste if they care enough to find out who we are but we don’t give them some clear and descriptive bio. So write one now.

And how about your page background? If you still use cool but generic background that anybody else could use, just change it. Change it with unique personalized background that represents your brand. You have limited space to express yourself through your bio. So let the background image speak the rest.