Millions of Users Log Off From Facebook For Good

According to it’s data service, in May Facebook lost 6.1 million users in the United States, along with 1.52 million in Canada and hundreds of thousands in the United Kingdom, Norway, and Russia. The company still managed to add 11.8 million new users worldwide over May, following 13.9 million over April, but considering that the social networking giant grew by at least 20 million new users over the typical month last year, the only conclusions one can draw from these findings are:

  1. Facebook’s growth has been significantly slowing
  2. More and more users are getting bored – or even sick – of Facebook, and this eventually leads to them deactivating their accounts

So, if you’ve been losing interest in Facebook over the past couple of months, you obviously aren’t the only one. Millions of users are already sick of constant updates, random friend requests, photo-tag spam and the bombardment of invitations to help someone build up a fictional farm. Even Bill Gates, a friend of Zuckerberg’s and Facebook investor, recently quit the site, saying that his friend requests had gotten out of hand.

Yes, Facebook has become more of an obligation than a fun way to pass a few minutes.


  1. Facebook needs to remember that we human beings made them and we can break them. They continue to update (waste of time in some instances) features without first inform us, their members and this has become rather annoying over the past year. Lately they’ve been updating Groups with some new feature and to be honest new group feature/system is pure BS. I will be deleting my two facebook accounts at the end of this month because of facebook’s disregard for me as a user of their service.

    Zuckerberg remember we made you and we can break you, so at least inform users of your plans before just implimenting stuff. And another thing, please disable the ‘enter’ button for posting comments. Whenever one is responding to a thread and the ‘enter’ is hit for the purpose of seperating paragraphs the message gets posted to facebook. FIX THAT!!

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