We all know word of mouth is one of the best communication tools ever exist in marketing world. People trust opinion from someone they know well, more than just some catchy words in a ‘hey-look-at-me’ advertisement.

When it comes to bringing word of mouth to the internet, then it’s time to talk about ReTweeting. This is one activity people usually do in Twitter where they spread out an interesting tweet (message) to all of their followers.

With around 5 million users (informal stats) twitting, Twitter has show its amazing capability in viral communications. ReTweeting has made news spread faster and wider than conventional media. Now with that fact, to think that ReTweet phenomenon is no way to buzz up your brand in the internet, is absolutely not smart.

People usually retweet when they find content so valuable or important that they want to share it with their entire network. To make such content is no easy thing to do, especially when you use Twitter for your brand. Don’t promote your brand directly. Don’t just tweet “hey my brand is awesome” or “hey my brand is blah blah blah”. Nobody wants to hear that. Go back to the first paragraph and see the phrase ‘hey-look-at-me’ advertisement, now you know what its mean.

What people want to hear is how your tweet could have value on them. Make some interesting and provocative Tweet, that’s the challenge.

The first thing you could do is, make your tweet as short as possible. At least don’t use up to all the 140 characters. Why? To make it easier to retweet them. People love to add some a little bit of comment when they retweet. Shorter tweet will give them more room for that.

It is also important to put a link in your tweet. Dan Zarella, a social & viral marketing scientist, research shows that 56,69% of all ReTweets contain a link.

The link may direct people to your blog, or some pages to your website. That way, your tweet can stay short, and let the landing pages do the rest. Don’t worry about long URL that will waste most of your 140 character limit. You can always use free URL shortening service such as tinyurl or bit.ly.

Now about the content itself. You’re using your brand name as the Twitter user. That’s not mean you just spread out brand tagline to all your followers. Humanize your brand. Post something a friend would post. Before expecting a retweet, you better try to get some reply from your follower to make sure that they do read your tweet and interested in what you post.

Now the second of all, you do not always have to come up with something new. Sometimes you too can just reTweet. You may catch more eyes if you reTweet a well known twitterer. Beside that, if you want to retweet, don’t just retweet. Add something original to your retweet. Place an interesting comment, or responsing link to the retweet. This will make you look smart, plus bigger chance for other twitterer to retweet your retweet. Okay, that’s too much ‘tweet’ for today.