It’s surprising news when a friend told that Google keyword tool has gone. Gone? Yeah, that’s why when you might try to access the page around few weeks ago, it’s difficult to open. So the news came and made online marketing community got puzzled and dread. Mostly people who work with SEO, SEM, and PPC will let down hearing this. What’s the substitute for Google Keyword Tool then?

Google Keyword Tool has been officially replaced by Google Keyword Planner and those people looked unpleasant and hesitate about this tool. They have reasons. First, you have to log in to Google Adwords to use it where Keyword Tool could let anybody access it. So it’s not simple. Second, there are some complains that tell this Keyword Planner only shows search volume for exact match queries, not for match type data as well.

However, there are always alternatives for doing something. For you who still being unfamiliar and not accustomed to use Google Keyword Planner, you can use some alternatives good keyword tools. Here they are:

1. Ubbersuggest

Hundreds of results are available when you plug in relevant keywords you want to search. Such a useful keyword bank for you who run keywords for business or just your personal blog.

2. SEMRush

For larger business, Google Keyword Tool is really necessary. But now, you have an alternative such SEMRush which provides many organic data from Google and Bing. Yes Bing, don’t forget about this search engine.

3. Bing Webmaster Toolbox

This is simply just for Bing, but it has same trends as Google does. Sometimes you also need other search engines, such as Bing to optimize your keywords. May they are useful as well.