SEO: Mind the Visitors’ Need

So you’ve done a lot of content work to ease search engine robot crawling around your website. If that all takes your website to the top of the list, congratulations. You just got yourself a good SEO. But one thing, what can you gives to those massive people visiting your website?

If you’re writing the content just for the sake of search engine bot and not for the sake of your target visitor, then you’re so dead. Many people will come just to be disappointed for not getting any information they need. Bad experience for them, and they’ll never comeback.

What’s the point of getting on top if we can’t give the best. So whenever you’re doing some content writing, don’t just do it for the bot. Do it for the people.

Let them meet their need inside your website. Give relevant, in-depth, complete, interesting information. This way you can get people satisfied with your website and they might spread it so more people will come. Do your SEO but never forget what people’s need.

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