Many amateur SEO guy often ask “Why don’t we just change the Meta tags?” or “What about making the keyword–rich text invisible?” Now let’s think again what exactly search engine is.

Search engine is a tool to help people find pages that relevant to their need and interest. Well, we might have ever discus about this visitor’s need before, but good SEO would never leave visitor’s need behind just for the sake of search engine.

Search engine isn’t also that stupid. It’s always try to serve the people with it’s best. So many search engine has develop their crawler bot smarter from day to day. So the filter will be more strict about what’s relevant and what’s not.

Stuffing meta tags with keyword or making keyword-rich text invisible could trigger the spam filter and mark your website as spam. So it’s better not to waste our time working on invisible text. The best way is to focus on the visible text. Create a good relevant content and put your keywords there. Good content will satisfy the user, and keyword-rich in visible body text could raise your rank in search engine. Everybody happy.