Search engine, which we always deal with when it comes to SEO, is a super smart tool. They don’t like SEO very much because they want user to get the most relevant result not the most SEO-ed page.

So, let’s play it their way. We still do SEO, but we do it in a more natural way. Keep our links organic. That should be search engine friendly.

Organic is a better way to grow

First thing is placement. Pick the most relevant site to put your link. Relevant means those referring site should have strong relation with your website. For example, you run a site for camera shop; and for the referring site, Photography club site: good idea; Photo studio site: nice move; Pet shop site: big no!

Yes, the search engine is way smarter than we think. Now the second thing is the amount of links we build. We should like to keep this consistent. Don’t post 2.000 links in one week and then just 10 on the next. That’s something a link farm usually does, and search engine hates that. Your page could be kicked out without further investigation.

Organic Links

And the last thing, you sure want to keep your outside link one way. Of course link exchanging can drive more traffic. But when search engine finds out that most of the pages containing your external links also linked from your own site, this is bad. Search engine will see this as unnatural link and that won’t be counted as a value to raise your rank.

So once again, keep it natural, stay out of the black hat SEO.

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